The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Daria Ibn-Tamas

Who has time for breakfast anymore?

For most professional individuals who work long hours and high-stress jobs, work can easily consume your every thought.  When you wakeup in the morning, you’re thinking about work and all that needs to be done that day.  In this sense, it is understandable that many individuals skip breakfast- they are too busy hurrying out the door to take on the day.  We’ve all heard it before- breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don’t skip breakfast! But sometimes, it can just feel like too much extra effort in the mornings.

This rushing in the morning is what causes people to reach for less-healthy options, such as donuts or a breakfast sandwich at the drive-through.  The issue with these choices is that they can leave you feeling sluggish and tired the rest of the day.  What we all need is some quick AND healthy breakfast choices that are grab-and-go.  The following are some options for powerful breakfasts that can jumpstart your day and take very little time!

1. Homemade Trail mix- This is a great option because you can add whatever healthy ingredients you would like- granola, almonds, dried fruit, walnuts, and so on.  Just try and stay away from adding chocolate or candy pieces, or any other sugary ingredients.  You can make a big batch of this over the weekend and then divide it into serving-size baggies for the week, so you have breakfast ready to grab on your way out the door each morning!

Daria Ibn-Tamas

Hard Boiled Eggs make a great breakfast!

2. Hard Boiled Eggs- Hard boiled eggs are another great option, because you can make a bunch ahead and have them ready to go each morning.  Combine a hard-boiled egg or two with a cheese stick, a slic of whole wheat toast, or a piece of fruit for the perfect energizing breakfast!

3. Smoothie- Quick, easy, and portable.  A smoothie can be made out of almost anything you have in your kitchen- some greek yogurt, fruit, perhaps some greens- you can create your own smoothie out of your favorite ingredients and put it in a travel mug for a delicious, on-the-go breakfast.

4. Yogurt- yogurt, especially the greek variety, is packed with protein and a number of other nutrients that contribute to overall health.  They’re an easy breakfast to eat in-transit, or to throw in your bag and eat at your desk.  Just try to make sure the kind you choose isn’t too high in sugar, or is the kind that comes with candy or cookies at the top!

These are just a few great options for busy individuals who barely have time to squeeze breakfast into their schedules.  To get more ideas for quick and easy breakfasts, check out this article!

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